Koroleva Caviar is The organic caviar harvested from Russian Sturgeon, nurtured in the protected wetlands of north Baltic Sea.

Koroleva Caviar hails from third generation producers of caviar with the original family business having been started in 1945 in northern California. This first farm is still providing the highest quality caviar to the American market. Over 20 years ago, the family sought the perfect environment that would reproduce the idyllic conditions for raising wild Russian sturgeons. After extensive research, the area of Baltic Sea was found; a pollution free and environmentally protected wetland area. This serene nature reserve in combination with the family expertise in breeding, nurturing and harvesting the roe, allows Koroleva to offer the most exquisite caviar that ranks amongst the finest in the world.

Koroleva Caviar has worked for years to create this unique organic environment which nourishes the rare Russian sturgeons. After 25 years of preparation, the sturgeon are mature and able to produce this outstanding organic caviar. The combination of the purified sea saltwater and organic formula of feeding allows the product to carry this certification.

Koroleva caviar has become available on the UK market since October 2012 and directly supplies a number of the royal families of Europe. Koroleva, this certified organic caviar, contains no preservatives or softeners such as Borax.